Ethan Hawke ‘forgives home-wrecker Tarantino post-Uma Thurman split’

Washington, Dec. 25: Ethan Hawke has reportedly moved past his grudges with Quentin Tarantino after endless speculation suggested that the filmmaker was behind the break down of his marriage with Uma Thurman.

A source close to the ‘Hamlet’ star told Radar Online that Hawke has been fighting for a level of respect for years that Tarantino had instantly, but surprisingly, achieving that has actually mellowed him out a bit.

Hawke is grudgingly coming to terms with the fact that the duo is of the same generation and shouldn’t be keeping their distance from each other, the insider asserted.

The source added that the 43-year-old actor, who will probably get an Oscar nomination in the Best Screenplay category for ‘Before Midnight’, now gleefully talks about the idea that Tarantino could be the one presenting him with his first Oscar. (ANI)