FIFA names Brazil World Cup draw pots

Johannesburg, Dec 4: FIFA has announced the following pots to be used for Friday’s draw for next year’s World Cup finals when the 32 teams will be placed into eight first-round groups of four, according to reports.

According to Sport24, hosts Brazil will be allocated position A1 in the draw and will play the opening match in Sao Paulo on June 12.

Pot 1 (top eight seeds): Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Uruguay

Pot 2: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador

Pot 3: Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras

Pot 4: Bosnia, Croatia, England, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, France

A pre-draw will be held to move one of the nine European teams into Pot 2, the report said.

That European team will then be drawn against one of the four seeded South American teams to preserve the geographical balance of the draw, the report added.

The four South American seeds: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina will form a temporary Pot X, the report further said.

The three teams not drawn against the European team in Pot 2 will return to the main draw, the report mentioned. (ANI)