Gazza hoping 2014 will be ‘his year’ after ‘suffering’ in ‘unlucky’ 2013

London, Dec 20: Troubled England football legend Paul Gascoigne is vowing to clean up his act and says 2014 is going to be ‘his year’, according to reports.

According to the Daily Star, Gazza said that he never liked the number 13 so he is looking forward to 2014, hoping it will be his year.

The former England ace pledged he will draw a line under a booze-fuelled 2013, the report said.

His resolution comes two months after a week-long binge in London while facing eviction from his Bournemouth flat, the report added.

The former Newcastle, Spurs and Rangers star got off to a terrible start this year after going on a mega-bender before being admitted to a rehab clinic in Arizona, the report further said. (ANI)