Goa Police says Happy New Year, adds security advisory

Panaji, Dec 31: With robberies and thefts on the rise in Panaji, the Goa Police’s New Year greetings Tuesday for the state’s residents and revellers come with a rider.

The New Year greetings are accompanied by a long advisory which lists what needs to be done to stay safe in Goa.

“This security advisory is being issued in view of recent thefts in North and South Goa. While we have intensified patrolling and increased police visibility and presence in the affected areas, we would like citizens to take precautions to protect their valuables,” Deputy Inspector General O.P. Mishra said in the advisory.

The advisory gives general home safety tips to owners, which include not stocking gold or cash at home or informing neighbours about leaving the house unguarded. It also advises residents to “pull down the doors and window curtains, especially during evening hours since it reduces the temptation of thieves to target your house”.

“Never leave your spare key concealed anywhere near the front door – burglars know all the hiding places,” said Mishra in his advisory.

The Goa government, particularly home minister Manohar Parrikar who is also the chief minister, has been under pressure following a string of burglaries and robberies over the past few months that forced the police to issue the advisory.