Graham Gooch says England ‘outpointed’ by ‘totally dominant’ Oz in Ashes despite trying

Melbourne, Dec 24: Former England captain Graham Gooch has said that the tourists had just been ‘outpointed’ by a ‘totally dominant’ Australia in the Ashes series, although there was no lack of effort by the beleaguered team.

Gooch said that England has to weather the storm of abuse and ridicule coming its way in its broken Ashes campaign, adding that he believes there has been a lot of fight over last 3-4 years.

According to, although England has been a good team and has played very good cricket, as shown in the record in the past year, it is not working out in this series as they have not been allowed to play good cricket by a settled Australian team despite England’s efforts in that area.

Gooch further said it had been a ‘shock to everyone’ that Graeme Swann had retired and that he would leave ‘a big hole’ in the English line-up, adding that it is always disruptive when players leave the team.

However, Gooch urged the team to ‘get’ whatever is coming their way and move on despite being outplayed in every area by the Australians. (ANI)