India U.S police chiefs to devise ways to fight terror, says Shinde

New Delhi, Dec.4: Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on Wednesday said that India and U.S are the leading targets of trans-national terror groups and crime syndicates.

“Today countries like India and the United States are at the forefront of the effort to counter the relentless threat of terrorism and international crime. We are also unfortunately the leading targets of such trans-national terror groups and crime syndicates. It will, therefore, have to be the endeavor of all countries to fight this menace in all its forms and manifestations through partnerships based on genuine and result-oriented cooperation,” he said at the India U.S police chief conference here today.

He said that this conference was the key element in the expansion of India’s bilateral cooperation with the United States which was aimed at securing the two nations and fight terrorism.

“Fighting terrorism was one of the central objectives that inspired our countries to establish the India USA Homeland Security Dialogue. It is an important element of our growing bilateral security architecture. Indeed, the Homeland Security Dialogue was an outcome of the state visit of President Obama in November 2010,” said Shinde.

Furthermore, Shinde said that an efficient Megacity Policing system must serve as an effective deterrent against terrorists and their masters, who launch targeted attacks on the nerve centers of a country.

He said that apart from countering terror attacks, there were other kinds of mass casualty events and security challenges that were specific to urban centres.

“A conference such as this should enable us to enhance the flow of ideas to improve policing and law enforcement action in both our countries. Indeed, it was for these reasons that my counterpart, Secretary Napolitano, and I had agreed that one of the ways in which we could institutionalize cooperation in the field of Megacity Policing was to hold such a conference,” said Shinde.

He added that apart from improved policing techniques and operational mechanisms to share information, technology was the key input for policing and said that sophisticated technologies were being adopted increasingly to assist Police Forces in early detection of crimes.(ANI)