Iranian submarine, warship on goodwill visit to Mumbai

Mumbai, Dec 5: As part of the ongoing celebrations of the Indian Navy Day, an Iranian warship and submarine arrived here on a four-day goodwill visit, an official said.

The Kilo-class submarine IRIS Younus, warship IRIS Alborz and tanker IRIS Bandar Abbas, with a total 544 crew will be in Mumbai till Dec 8.

Top Iranian officials, including the ambassador and consul general, besides senior naval officers, called on Western Navy Command chief, Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha, here Thursday.

India and Iran have historically shared a mutual cordial relationship and more so in recent years, the official said.

The Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean also play an important role in relations especially since more than 90 percent of both their sea-borne trade passes through the region.

“Both the navies look forward to enhance bilateral co-operation. The ongoing visit by the Iranian naval vessels would only further that cause,” said the official.