‘Iron Mike’ Tyson finds accepting responsibility ‘biggest battle’ in life

Washington, Dec 21: American boxing legend Mike Tyson has revealed that he is finding being responsible as the ‘biggest fight’ in his life.

Long retired from the ring, the provocative pugilist, who was once idolized as the youngest heavyweight champion of the world, was swiped off his pedestal by criminal convictions and drug addictions.

According to CNN, Tyson admitted that as he had been never responsible before as he was just a ‘good husband’ and a ‘good father’ then, the challenge is going to be the biggest battle that he has ever faced in his life, although he added that he is accepting it with ‘open arms’.

Tyson, who is currently in his third marriage and has fathered eight children, is now determined to focus on his family and a new generation of young boxers after a high-profile and controversial career, saying that he would never ‘baby’ his protegees and teach them to be responsible fighters, which he never was.

Stating that he views his heady era of fame and fortune very differently now, Tyson, also dubbed as ‘Iron Mike’, said that he does not like the person that he was back then, adding that he was a horrible father and did not get anything done.

However, the retired boxer said that he is now accomplishing a lot than he had ever achieved in the prime of his fighting career. (ANI)