Jaitley calls on society to accept women safety drafted laws

New Delhi, Dec.20: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Jaitley has said that draft laws formulated to ensure the safety of women should be accepted by society.

Addressing the 30th annual inter-state meet of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Ladies Organization (FLO) here on Friday, Jaitley said: “Law is an important direction giving force. It’s a code, which society accepts for itself and it’s a code, which then gives you a direction, which people have to accept for the future. But law always is not adequate enough. It has to be followed with acceptance of this reality by the society overall.”

Jaitley recalled the brutal Delhi gang rape, which marked its first anniversary on December 16, stressing that the incident moulded Indian society to accept law against such women crimes.

“Just as a year ago, an innocent young lady in Delhi was subjected to the worst form of brutality if not bestiality, which shook the whole society, and we came out with a law which in ordinary circumstances, people would have questioned as a harsh law,” said Jaitley.

“And, I think, the extent of the crime and the brutality of the crime made people accept it, made people urge for it,” added Jaitley.

FLO has its headquarters in New Delhi with 10 chapters across India, representing over 3500 women entrepreneurs.

The two-day programme saw Indian ministers, lawmakers from main opposition, senior corporate officials, etc addressing the gathering. (ANI)