Japanese companies emphasise on environment-friendly technology at Eco-Products 2013

Tokyo, Dec 13: A large number of Japanese firms are showing their innovative technologies and eco-products to consumers at Eco-products 2013, an annual exhibition in Tokyo from December 12-14.

Sagawa Express Co., a logistics firm, has displayed Kyoto Gion electric bicycle, which has been used for delivery of goods as a move to protect the environment in Kyoto city.

The bicycle is also suitable for narrow streets in the city.

Another participant, AEON, a Japanese retail corporate group displayed its efforts in protecting environment in Asia and Pacific since 1991.

The company has carried out afforestation programmes in countries such as Japan, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Australia and Malaysia and planted some 10 million trees.

The honorary President of AEON, Takuya Okada started the drive against pollution in 1960 from Yokkaichi city. Later in 1990, his company planted one million trees at the Great Wall of China.

Another Japanese company, Fujitsu exhibited its latest technology to observe earthquake and tsunami. The sensor will be installed under the sea by using cable fiber. The device already admitted to Tokyo University institution of earthquake would be installed at the bottom of sea in Sanriku in August next year.

In another display of environment-friendly technology, Toshiba exhibited a revolutionary copier system that can erase printed text from regular copy paper.

The printer uses a special erasable toner, and when the printed page is passed through the color erasing device, the printing disappears and the paper can be used again.

From July next year, the copier will be available in the world market.

NEC Corporation introduced a versatile charger controller that is compatible with a variety of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV).

Another Japanese company, Nippon Steel, has exhibited a temporary housing for disaster affected area. In Tohoku, which suffered major earthquake, it was difficult to immediate built concrete houses. But, the temporary housing by Nippon Steel will provide urgent shelter to the affected people.

At the exhibition, JFE Engineering showed the model of solid bicycle parking system. Already this system has been placed at 14 places for 17 thousand bicycles.

Japanese representative home delivery company Yamato showed strong protection “magic wrapping”.

It wraps copy machine for safe transport.

Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd., the Japan’s largest homebuilder, specializing in prefabricated houses, has exhibited robot suits and robot animal for senior.

The robots will assist senior people for various needs. (ANI)