Kejriwal again turns down security cover

New Delhi, Dec 24: AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who is set to be Delhi’s new chief minister, Tuesday again refused to accept security cover offered by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Yadav told IANS from Ghaziabad, where Kejriwal lives: “We offered security to Kejriwal today but he has refused to accept it.”

Yadav said the Uttar Pradesh Police contacted Kejriwal after receiving a letter from Delhi Police.

Delhi’s Special Commissioner of Police (Security) J.K. Sharma told IANS: “As Kejriwal lives in Kaushambi in Ghaziabad, we cannot provide him security there as per the norms of jurisdiction. So we wrote to Ghaziabad Police … to offer security cover to Kejriwal.”

Sharma said Delhi Police had tried to provide security to Kejriwal Monday but he refused to accept it.

“We are still hoping he will accept security cover. But now we have a big problem as he resides in Ghaziabad, and that is out of our jurisdiction. We will again approach him for taking security when he will start residing in Delhi,” said Sharma.