Kenyan senator’s Mandela photoshop gamble busted

Melbourne, Dec. 11: Kenyan politician Mike Sonko’s photoshop gamble has been busted with mixed reactions pouring in on social networks for his attempt to morph heavyweight boxing champion Muhammed Ali who was pictured with Nelson Mandela.

The Senator for Nairobi posted a photo of himself in the arms of Mandela on his Facebook page, but because of dodgy pixilation Internet sleuths quickly found the original image, reports.

Both the images went viral across social networks, with some commentators calling Sonko an attention-seeker and disrespectful, while others admiring his creativity and character.

Sonko, it seems, did not wanted to miss out on a photo opportunity with the anti-apartheid hero, while other heads of states, celebrities and members of the public had been showing off pictures with the former South African leader since his death on December 5. (ANI)