Kolkata to host international conference on dyslexia

Kolkata, Dec 16: An international conference here Tuesday will bring together educators, parents and renowned specialists to create awareness about dyslexia in India and its neighbouring countries.

‘Dare To Win’ conference Dec 17-19 will be eastern India’s first on dyslexia — defined as difficulty in learning to read fluently and with accuracy in comprehension.

Divya Jalan, founder of Breaking through Dyslexia — an initiative of the NGO Dyslexia Trust of Kolkata, told IANS: “Contrary to popular belief, dyslexics have normal or above normal intelligence.”

The key speakers at the conference include experts from Columbia University, the US, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and Mental Health Foundation, Kolkata.

“It is about removing the taboo and spreading awareness at an all-India level that dyslexia is not a disease,” Jalan said.

“The conference will also act as a platform for exchange of information between the speakers and parents,” she added.

She highlighted the importance of spreading the message in India and in participating countries Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh.

“Unlike Europe and the US, where there is much awareness about dyslexia and work on the issue, much needs to be done in India and its neighbouring countries. Work is being done in pockets in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi… but more is required,” Jalan said.