N Korea confirms Kim’s uncle purged from power for ‘anti-state’ activities

Washington, Dec. 09: North Korea has acknowledged the elimination of leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle from power for “anti-state” acts and “double dealing.”

According to the state media, Jang Song Thaek had formed a faction in the ruling party by creating an illusion about him and distorting and weakening the party goals, Fox News reports.

South Korean intelligence officials said two of Jang’s aides were executed for corruption.

According to the South Korea’s Unification Ministry, the documentary footage of Kim’s inspection visit to a military unit was edited so as to remove his uncle in a total of 17 scenes and this confirmed the initial report of Kim’s uncle being removed from power.

However, South Korean officials said that they do not believe that Jang has lost his life, nor is he in any physical danger. (ANI)