Life is what you want to give to life, says Farooq Abdullah at Amity workshop

Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Dec.10: Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, today inaugurated the 17th International Workshop on the “Physics of Semiconductor Devices” at the Amity Campus here.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Abdullah said: “Energy means life and the global appetite for energy is voracious while resources are limited. As environmental issues have intensified, the demand for renewable energy has increased.”

“Semi- conductors are the key technology that enables to harness alternative energy resources. Semi- conductors have tremendous potential to preserve our renewable resources by increasing the efficiency of existing devices,” he added.

He also stressed that one third of the energy consumed worldwide is electricity and the trend is rising. Therefore, the key for the future growth is energy efficiency and smart semi- conductor devices.

Addressing the over 400 Kashmiri students and faculty members of Amity, Dr.Abdullah called himself a “Disco Dancer” thereby, meaning that he is different because he realizes that you only live once, and therefore, spread joy and happiness.

He said that he believed that “Life is what you want to give to life”.

Responding to the concerns of these students regarding the availability of quality education in Kashmir and job opportunities for Kashmiri Pandits who want to go back and live with their families after finishing education and work for the development of the State, he said said: “We should realize Kashmir will not go anywhere and, it is the people of Kashmir who have to change their thinking.”

“Kashmiris have to build Kashmir. Hindustan is vibrant and the only recourse for Kashmir to have a bright future is through Hindustan. People of the nation should start respecting each other,” he added.

He motivated the students to be good human beings, spread happiness and see and treat fellow beings as humans.

He urged them to find God in their own self and advised them to make friends forever at the university.

The three-day workshop aims to provide a valuable forum for interaction between scientists and technologists working in the area of semiconductor materials and devices across the world to discuss and deliberate upon the emerging technologies and concerned issues .

Speakers from India (11 IITs and 90 Institutions of repute across India) and abroad from over 20 countries, including USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Indonesia and India are participating in the Workshop. (ANI)