Lokpal Bill wont make a difference, says Naresh Agarwal

Lucknow, Dec. 15: Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal said on Sunday his party was completely against the Lokpal Bill, as it believed that it would not make any difference to the increasing corruption in the country.

“Samajwadi Party is not at all in support of the Lokpal Bill. Who is going to guarantee us that the people who become the Lokpal will be sincere and honest people?” said Agarwal.

“The highest percentage of corrupt people in the country are in fact are the ones who are public workers and, if they are going to form a major chunk of the Lokpal, how will it make a difference?” he said.

Responding to the question of forming a Lokayukta at the centre he asked that when it did not make any difference in the states, how is it going to make a difference in the centre.

“Lokayukta was set up in many states, did people benefit from it? It has been ten years that the Lokayukta was formed in UP but I can hardly see any difference,’ he said.

“It is all a drama and nothing else. This Lokpal Bill does not make any sense,” he added. (ANI)