Manipur hosts 20th National Thang-Ta championship to promote integration

Imphal, Dec. 27: The northeast is fast becoming a hub for regional and national sporting events. Recently, Manipur hosted the 20th national ‘Thang-Ta Championship’.

Thang-Ta or the art of sword is a traditional Manipuri martial art.

The first four-day Thang-Ta championship attracted around 497 participants from 17 states across the country.

Organized by Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association, Manipur, under the aegis of Thang-Ta Federation of India, the event held at Khuman Lampak Stadium in Imphal.

People believe that ‘Thang-Ta is gaining popularity in the Northeast and there are more opportunities for its practitioners.

Such events provide youths an opportunity to get exposure and showcase their talents and skills.

“Nowadays Thang-Ta is played all over India and outside the country. Every country starts playing outside to get expo and get good train. Many of the youngsters are very much interested in ‘Thang-Ta and start joining at international level,” said H Premkumar Singh, President, Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association, Manipur

Young artists from Manipur also performed the Pung Cholom dance at the event.

“It is very good. I was participating in the national championship for the first time, and I got a silver medal. So, I am very happy,” said Bandana, a player from Delhi.

“This is very interesting, we came here for the first time for this championship and we find this is a good sport. Even we have Thang ta federation in Singapore. We want to promote and want to play outside,” said Tuan Bin Hashim, member, Asian Thang-Ta Federation from Singapore.

“I feel very good to participate in this championship as many practitioners from different states come together here, and performed on one platform, so it’s very good. I took up Thang Ta to defend myself,” added Anne Devi, player from Manipur.

Such events provide an enriching experience and unique opportunities for learning and understanding different cultures of the country, and thus promote integration. (ANI)