Manufacturing curved display smartphones still decade away, says analyst

Washington, Dec. 13: Despite the hype around curved display smartphones, they are not going to be mass manufactured anytime before a decade, according to an analyst.

Chief marketing officer of Applied Materials’s display business group, Max McDaniel predicted that manufactured such smartphones with flexible and foldable screens is an expensive process.

According to Mashable, McDaniel pointed to the complexities of producing a flexible smartphone which includes the pricey elusive screen technology called organic light-emitting diode, or OLED.

Mass production of the OLED screens using machines that can deposit microscopic layers of materials in a vaccum, is expensive due to the high failure rate.

McDaniel further explained that OLED materials do not have a long lifespan and hence, makes sense to be used in mobile devices, which people hang on to no more than two years or so.

An analyst at market researcher HIS, Vinita Jakhanwal said that curved displays are even more complex, expensive and involve a painstaking process where a thin film is laid on a flat surface, lifted off and then adhered to a curved piece of plastic almost like a sticker.

McDaniel said that difficulties of incorporating OLED and flexible displays aren’t limited to the process of manufacturing screens as more complexity requires more capable machines and processes and device makers would also be required to focus on other components like battery and cases which can also be bent without failing. (ANI)