Meteorological department says "Cyclone Madi" heading north

Visakhapatnam (Odisha), Dec.9: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said Monday that “Cyclone Madi” is heading north.

It said a few places in coastal Andhra Pradesh could receive isolated showers boosted by strong winds over the next two days.

“We will get rainfall at a few places for Coastal Andhra Pradesh and fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea. Winds will be very squally and 45 to 50 kmp around the coastal Andhra Pradesh,” said Duty Officer, Cyclone Warning Centre (CWD), India Meteorological Department (IMD), Rajesh Shyam.

Many parts of the city received mild showers on Saturday due to the cyclone effect, but it may die down once it moves further north.

Madi, named so by Maldives, now lies centred 500 kilometers southeast of Chennai.

After Phailin, Helen and Lehar, Madi is brewing with the well-marked low-pressure area over the southwest Bay of Bengal concentrating into a depression.

Cyclone Lehar – the third powerful storm to hit Andhra Pradesh in seven weeks – is moving in from the Bay of Bengal and is likely to make a landfall near the city of Machilipatnam, with wind speeds of up to 170 kmph (105 mph).

The cyclone season in India generally lasts from April to December with severe storms often causing dozens of deaths, mass evacuations and widespread crop and property damage.

Officials were widely praised for a mass evacuation that saved thousands of lives last month when Cyclone Phailin struck, even though at least 60 people were killed and 12 million people lost their homes or livelihoods. (ANI)