Modi stresses for ‘Congress-free India’

Mumbai, Dec. 22,: Addressing a huge rally, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said just like the Quit India movement, there should be another movement which should focus on Congress-free India.

Stressing ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ slogan, Modi said, “We have to understand the character of the Congress, if you want to solve the country’s problem. People are not the reason for country’s problem. Nor it is the land or our history. It is the Congress governments. So if you want to solve the nation’s problems, then you have to free India from the Congress.”

“Congress Mukt Bharat’ is a dream which we have to realise,” he added.

The BJP has claimed that over 8 lakh are attending Modi’s rally which is being held at MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex.

“During freedom struggle, a voice was raised from the August Kranti ground in Mumbai, which was ‘Quit India’. And in the whole India, this voice became a chant. Ultimately, the British were forced to leave India. This voice helped India in winning its freedom,” he said.

“Now again, a voice should be raised from this Mumbai land, which should be ‘Congress-free India’,”

Accusing the Congress of indulging in vote-bank politics, Modi said, ” The Congress is neck-deep in vote bank politics. They are using ‘Divide and Rule’ policy to create differences in the society. They have learnt this art from the British.

“The country got independence but at the cost of partition,” he added.

He also alleged that at one side Sardar Patel unified India, but on the other side the Congress sowed the seeds of hatred among brothers.

“The Congress let people fight over land and water. Even today, there is no state where people are not fighting for water. Their vote bank stands secure if people are fighting with each other,” he said.

“Our problems will be not be solved, until and unless, we free India from this vote bank politics, and, take it forward to developmental politics,” he added. (ANI)