NCW favours special legislation against trafficking

New Delhi, Dec 22: The National Commission for Women (NCW) has suggested a special legislation against human trafficking and the setting up of a central nodal authority to curb all such crimes, an official said Sunday.

The women’s panel has sent a list of recommendations to the central government to help prevent such crimes, following an increase in cases of human trafficking in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

The NCW recommended drafting of a special legislation to combat human trafficking, especially that of women and children, by including its definition as per the UN Convention and protocol, a senior official in the commission said.

The commission has also recommended extending the jurisdiction of the law for any offence or contravention of human trafficking committed outside India.

The special act should also have a provision for police training and information exchange by law enforcement, immigration or other relevant authorities, the panel said.

The training should focus on methods used in preventing such cases and protecting the rights of victims along with stepping up of security and control of identity documents.

It also suggested setting up of a National Nodal Authority to coordinate all anti-human trafficking activities.

Steps were needed to ensure that the issue of missing people are linked with trafficking, the panel suggested.