Nepal to deploy security force at customs points

Kathmandu, Dec 7: Amid rising complaints from the private sector about feeble security situation and cases of anomalies at customs points, the Nepal government is set to form the Industrial and Revenue Security Force (IRSF) to maintain order.

Though envisioned three years ago and followed by innumerable demands from the country’s industrial sector, the government is now in position to formally set up the mechanism after the Cabinet of Nepal endorsed a directive to form the ISRF recently.

“We will now ask the private sector to claim for the facility and will offer the security services to the needy industries,” Xinhua reported citing Jeet Bahadur Thapa, joint secretary at Nepal’s Ministry of Industry (MoI).

This is the first of its kind facility being offered by the government to its private sector which has been blaming the state authority of turning a cold shoulder to the concerns of the industrial enterprises.

Around a dozen industrialists have been attacked, some of them killed, by unidentified groups in Nepal, and smuggling, tax evasion and corruption at customs points.

As per the new directives, the ISRF will provide security separately to three important departments — Revenue, Customs and Industry.

Apart from enforcing a strong revenue mechanism at the border, the ISRF will also rid the private sector of militant trade unionism and extortion which has been major problem hindering the growth of Nepal’s industrial sector.

The ISRF will be provided in 24 of the country’s total 75 districts. It will be coordinated by a central monitoring directorate at Armed Police Force (APF) headquarters.