NSD’s Bharat Rang Mahotsav’s selection process to change

New Delhi, Dec 27: Hinting that the selection procedure of National School of Drama’s(NSD) annual festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav will change from next year, the NSD director Friday said they want to look beyond CVs and reach out to performers.

“We have been extremely objective in the selection criteria for the Bharat Rang Mahotsav for 2014, and promise to bring to you genuine, qualitative plays. But we are planning to change the selection procedure from next year,” NSD director Waman Kendre told reporters.

“We want to reach out directly to presenters and performers, so that we can see their work and experience it personally. We would want to move beyond this CV selection process and set up teams that dedicatedly work and monitor this annual festival,” he added.

Though there is no plan in action as of now, but NSD chairperson Ratan Thiyam said they would like to request states to send their best performers.

“There can be different way of looking at how we will do this. We would also like to invite best-known international theatre directors for workshops and plays,” he said.

“This will also help us to go international. We can’t participate in some international theatre events because they have different selection criteria. So to bridge the gap, we would like to think of different ways to improve selection system,” he added.