Obama hints at ‘another way of skinning the ‘snoop-data’ cat’

Washington, Dec. 21: US President Barack Obama has reportedly pointed to possible changes in the way the country’s spy agency collects massive amounts of Americans’ phone data for surveillance purpose.

The White House appointed task force recently presented a report suggesting possible changes to the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance activities in a bid to restore public trust and regain confidence from the US allies.

According to Fox News, Obama said that he has not yet made any decisions about the National Security Agency’s collection programs, but said that there may be ‘another way of skinning the cat’ and has offered the first indication that he may be willing to change some parts of the controversial program.

Following leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden, many tech companies and privacy advocates have urged the US government to curb its aggressive snooping on citizens.

The report said that one reform could be to stop the practice of government storing phone records for five years and shift that storage to phone companies. (ANI)