Obama warns of ending support to South Sudan

Washington, Dec 22: US President Barack Obama Saturday urged factions in South Sudan to resolve conflict through peaceful negotiations, while warning that the use of force to seize power would end support from the US and global community.

Obama, who is vacationing in Hawaii, was briefed on Air Force One Friday night on the status of four American soldiers who were wounded during an evacuation operation in South Sudan, reported Xinhua citing the White House in a statement.

The president Saturday morning participated in a secure call with National Security Advisor Susan Rice and other top aides in his national security team.

He was briefed on the situation in South Sudan as well as the safety of American citizens in Bor and the US embassy personnel in Juba, capital of South Sudan.

Reaffirming the importance of continuing to work with the UN to secure American citizens in Bor, Obama underscored that South Sudan’s leaders have “a responsibility to support our efforts to secure American personnel and citizens in Juba and Bor”, the White House said.

He also underscored the urgency of helping to support efforts to resolve the differences within South Sudan through dialogue, adding that continued violence will endanger the people of South Sudan and the hard-earned progress of independence.

“This conflict can only be resolved peacefully through negotiations. Any effort to seize power through the use of military force will result in the end of longstanding support from the United States and the international community,” the statement said.