Now, open garage door sitting in car via updated IFTTT iPhone app!

Washington, Dec. 13: Automation service IFTTT has launched a major update to its iPhone app with a new location channel that lets the user create new tasks based on when he or she enter or leave a specified place.

The app has also been added with special triggers for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare that can let you automate a task whenever the user post from one of them at specific location, the Verge reports.

For example, when you’re nearing home, you could have IFTTT automatically turn on your connected light bulbs, send an SMS to your roommate that you’re on the way, or send out a tweet that you’re back.

The update will also let the user create a profile page from within the app and share recipes with others.

To use the new channel, the users will need to search for it in the iOS app’s channels section. (ANI)