Many opt for NOTA in Delhi poll

New Delhi, Dec 4: Even as Delhi Wednesday recorded its highest polling percentage for assembly elections, many voters said they chose the newly-introduced None of the Above (NOTA) option.

NOTA was the option for many electors, mostly youth, who said they felt none of the candidates were fit to be elected.

“Last time I chose 49-O, which was a bit complicated, but this time, NOTA option made it easy for me,” said a 23-year-old man from east Delhi’s Lakshminagar who did not want to be identified.

He said he exercised his right to vote by opting for NOTA as he did not like any of the candidates. “It makes me feel empowered”.

Earlier, option 49-O allowed a valid voter who decides not to cast his vote to record this fact with a polling officer.

Aqbar, 25, from Matia Mahal constituency said he was not happy with any of the candidates who were contesting.

“I used the power of NOTA as I don’t want anyone of them to be voted to power,” he said.

The newly-introduced option also created much buzz online, with a spate of comments on social networking sites.

“NOTA option seemed very vital on Electronic Voting Machines. so i pressed it,” said Manish Jhanginia on Twitter.

However, a Twitter handle named ‘We Are New Delhi’ reminded voters that NOTA is not the right to reject.

“Guys, let me remind you that NOTA is NOT Right to Reject. It’s a negative vote & doesn’t result in re-election or changing of candidates.”

NOTA has been introduced for the first time in the five state assembly elections following a Supreme Court ruling Sep 27.

“A welcome move by the SC (Supreme Court) & EC (Election Commission). This will change the trend in the future,” said another Twitter user named Kay Kay Vee.