PETA slams Kris Jenner for having sea lion as ‘pool toy’

Washington, Dec 6: Kris Jenner has been blasted by PETA, who claimed that sea lions are wild animals and not party props, playmates or pool toys.

Jenner and her boy toy Ben Flajnik have been spotted swimming in a Mexican pool with a 600-lb. sea lion recently.

The animal rights group claimed that animals forced to interact with visitors or perform tricks such as handstands are often trained in cruel ways, including beatings and food deprivation.

They continued that sea lions belong in the wild and not in any millionaire’s backyard swimming pool, Radar Online reported.

The owner of the pool in question is Joe Francis who bragged about renting the 600-lb. animal, named Litibu, from a water park near his Punta Mita, Mexico estate. (ANI)