Didn’t say anything not in public domain: V.K. Singh

Jammu, Dec 13: Former Indian army chief V.K. Singh Friday submitted his reply to the breach of privileges notice served on him by the speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir assembly regarding allegations by Singh that ministers and legislators were beneficiaries of army’s secret funds.

An assembly spokesman said the reply to the breach of privileges notice received from Gen (retd) V.K. Singh has been sent by Speaker Mubarak Gul to the assembly secretariat with directions to forward the same to the signatories of the breach of privileges motions against the former army chief.

The signatories have been asked to furnish their response within seven days so that the speaker can proceed further in this regard.

The speaker has also ordered that the contents of Gen V.K. Singh’s reply be made public.

In his reply, Gen V.K. Singh said there was nothing in his interview which was not already in public domain by way of certain books already published or the WikiLeaks expose.

Gen V.K. Singh finally pleaded innocence and asked that the breach of privileges motion against him be dropped.