Rajnath asks if Obama and Kalaam can become Presidents, why can’t Modi be Prime Minister

Mumbai, Dec. 22: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Rajnath Singh on Sunday said if a person like Barack Obama who was an ice cream seller and A.P.J Abdul Kalaam who was a newspaper seller could become the President of a country, why can’t Narendra Modi, who was a tea-vendor become the Prime Minister of India.

“I would like to ask this to the Congress that, if a person like Barack Obama, who was an ice cream seller, and A.P.J Abdul Kalaam, who was a newspaper seller could become the President of a country, why can’t Narendra Modi, who was a tea-vendor, become the Prime Minister of India,” said Singh.

“Even Abraham Lincoln was a woodcutter and he was such a great man who did so much for his country. So what difference does it make?” asked Singh.

He said the people have developed hatred towards the ways of the Congress and their inefficiencies.

“Today the country has changed. The people of this country have resentment against congress. They want a change. They are angry because of the increasing price rise, corruption and unemployment,” he said.

“Out of the five states four states where we contested the Congress, we received a majority in four which makes it evident,” he added.

“Although, we did not win in Mizoram we are happy that the Congress did well there. Because when there is a race, the winner gets a prize but the ones who lose also get consolation prizes. In the case of Congress, it is Mizoram,” he said.

He said the Congress has not done anything about the increasing prices, but instead have made the condition worse for the people.

“Even after 2009, the Congress had apologized and said that price rise would go down in the next 100 days of getting elected but that never happened,”

He added that if the BJP won, they would make sure that this issue was addressed to.

“They have got into a lot of scandals, be it Adarsh scam or the Campa Cola housing issue. They eat out of the pockets of the poor. Congress has become a shield for corruption,” he said.

“We promise that if our party wins in this election, we will look into all these scandals and make sure the people responsible for it are put behind bars,” he added.

Congress says we are thieves, but we don’t feel angry about it. We only feel angry when militants infiltrate into Kashmir and kill our people, or when China claims Arunachal or parts of Kashmir to be theirs,” he added. (ANI)