Reaching out to people in Muzaffarnagar for votes is the worst thing to do: Naresh Agarwal

Agra, Dec. 22 (ANI) Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal commenting that Congress Prime Ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Muzaffarnagar said that if the reason behind this was getting votes, it was the worst possible thing to be done by the Congress.

“I don’t know on what purpose he has gone there but if he has just gone there to support the cause and address the issue of the people who are suffering there I will appreciate it but if he is there for vote bank politics, then it will be the worse thing they can do,” said Agarwal.

“If he was so much concerned about the people, why didn’t he go to Kashmir or the northeast where there are so many issues? Why doesn’t he do something about the increasing crime against women in the country?” he asked.

“The public is not going to forgive them. They are not going to forgive the ones who are doing vote bank politics on such grave incidents,” he said. (ANI)