Romanian immigrants arrested 7 times more than Brits

London, Dec. 14: Romanian immigrants in the UK have a higher arrest rate as new police figures have revealed that for every 1,000 people from the Eastern European state, 183 are arrested compared to just 26 Brits.

The shocking statistics revealed that around 800 Romanians were collared in London alone last month and many of them have been linked to cashpoint fraud that has cost the UK an eye-popping 40 million pounds in six months.

According to Daily Star, police officials are concerned that the figures could rise even higher when restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants would be lifted on January 1.

The UK government is planning to launch a wide-ranging probe into how immigrants are treated by the justice system.

Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Mark Rowley said that there is a ‘capability gap’ when it comes to foreign lawbreakers adding that it is only if people are here a long time and develop a criminal history that this gap is equalized.

The report added that a Met study found foreign nationals are more likely to be arrested for low-level offences such as ticket touting, begging and prostitution. (ANI)