Salient features of the power tariff subsidy in Delhi

New Delhi, Dec 31: The Delhi government Tuesday announced a subsidy of 50 percent in power tariff. The following are the salient points of this subsidy:

- Subsidy to the extent of 50 percent would be provided to domestic electricity consumers who consume up to 400 units per unit.

- A total of 28 lakh consumers or nearly 82 percent of consumers to benefit from the subsidy.

- The subsidy will be available from Jan 1.

- For up to 200 units, the cost of one unit would be Rs.1.95 against the actual rate of Rs.2.90. Currently, consumers are paying Rs.2.70 after the previous government introduced a subsidy.

- For up to 400 units, the cost per unit would be Rs.2.90 against the actual rate of Rs.5.80. Currently, consumers are paying Rs.5 after the previous government introduced subsidy.

- No subsidy will be available to domestic consumers who cross the consumption limit of 400 units.

- Additional requirement to provide this subsidy from January-March 2014 will be Rs.2 billion.