Samsung updates Smart TV with improved voice interaction service for 2014 launch

Washington, Dec. 24: Samsung has reportedly updated its Smart TV for 2014 launch with improved voice interaction service that allows users to control the device through natural voice commands.

The updates allow users to flip channels by speaking just the channel number instead of the earlier commands like ‘Channel Change’ and ‘Channel Number’.

According to Cnet, users would also be able to use voice shortcuts to open a web site or app and voice commands can be used for certain searches related to weather, stock, prices and sports scores, which will pop up a window with search results.

The report said that Samsung’s 2014 smart TVs would include finger gestures and users would be able to change the channel, control the volume, stop the video, and return to the previous screen by moving their fingers.

Senior vice president of Samsung’s service strategy team of visual display business, Kyungshik Lee said that the 2014 Smart TV models deliver significantly improved voice interaction and motion control features so that consumers will be able to enjoy their Smart TV more intuitively.

Samsung is expected to demo its new smart TVs at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, starting January 7, the report added. (ANI)