Session too short to bring up Women’s Reservation Bill

New Delhi, Dec. 3: Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja said he doubts if the government will take up the Women’s Reservation Bill as it is a shortest session.

“Whether government will take up these bills is not sure, as the session, it is the shortest session. Besides that there are many other important issues that need to be discussed like the price rise, deteriorating economic situation, farmer’s distress and increase in the price of petrol,” he said.

Congress leader Rajeev Shukla, commenting on the Samajwadi Party (SP) being against the passing of the bill, said the issue will be sorted out through discussion.

“We will try to take up whatever issue is important and needs to be discussed with all the political leaders and make sure that the important ones are passed,” Shukla said.

Congress party leader Harish Rawat and NCO leader Tariq Anwar said that fighting is not a solution to anything.

“If the Samajwadi Party is opposing the Women’s Reservation Bill it is also because of many technical reasons. So, this issue will be discussed with all members and we will try to find a solution to it,” said Rawat.

“The attitude is wrong. They should not create a fuss about it. It is a democratic country and there should be a vote on such issues rather than trying to stop a discussion or create a mess,” said Anwar.

CPI leader Gurucharan Dasgupta said it is good news that they are bringing up the Women’s Reservation Bill issue and if they bring it, we shall definitely look into it.(ANI)