Sharjah books over 300,000 motorists

Sharjah, Dec 27 (IANS/WAM) As many as 308,014 motorists were booked for violating speed limit in the emirate of Sharjah during the third quarter of 2013, compared with 181,725 offences registered during the same quarter last year, police said.

Major Abdul Rahman Mohammed Khater, head of traffic awareness, Sharjah Traffic and Patrols Police, said discipline lane violations recorded a marked rise with 37,645 violations in the period from 24,327 for the same period in the past year and 11,218 motorists were issued tickets for not wearing seat belts.

He said the number of motorists jumping the red signal had also seen remarkable surge to 10,301 from 1,128 for the period under review.

He added that 4,429 motorists were booked for speaking over mobile phones while driving during the June-September period.