Simplification of Hindi important for development in science

New Delhi, Dec 5: Ministry of Home Affairs, Shri Arun Kumar Jain spoke about the importance of simplification of Hindi language for scientific research to achieve national goals, at the Defence Research and Development Organisation press conference today.

“I hope that these measures and the efforts made by organizations like DRDO will provide a strong foundation for development of Hindi, for scientific research and help in achieving the national goals,” said Jain.

“The real issue is not the suitability of Hindi as a medium but the required attention for generating sufficient scientific literature, so that there are no obstacles in way of education in the areas of science and research,” he added.

This is the first time that DRDO has organized an international conference in Hindi on such a large scale with more than 60 foreign delegates,” said Dr G Malakondaiah, Scientist and Chief Controller (Human Resource and Technology Management).

“The conference and the concurrently held exhibition of products of DRDO as well as other scientific organizations such as ISRO, DAE, arranged is the result of hard work by all concerned,” he added.

Shri Avinash Chander, Secretary, Department of Defence RandD and Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister said that the third world countries are lagging behind because they do not have access to the developments in science.

“While the world has progressed at a rapid pace due to developments in science and technology, the people in the third world are still deprived of its benefits. The developments of science have not yet reached every person in the world and a lot needs to be done in this area,” said Chander.

Highlighting the contributions made by great Indian scientists in the field of astronomy, mathematics and medical science Chander said that all that work was reported in Sanskrit and Hindi.

“The scientific literature in Hindi is scarce and I hope that this conference will lead to such literature which will help in removing this scarcity. Having 604 research papers and articles for this conference is a record in itself,” added Chander.

The function was attended by eminent scientists, Directors and scientists from the DRDO headquarters and Laboratories, apart from delegates.(ANI)