Snowfall in Darjeeling, Changu

Darjeeling, Dec 13: West Bengal’s Darjeeling and Sikkim’s Changu recorded their first snowfall of the season Friday as temperatures plummeted throwing a thick blanket of fog over the two areas.

Sikkim tourism sources said as many as 166 Changu-bound tourist vehicles were stranded at Sipsu in western Sikkim and had to return to the capital Gangtok during the day following the snowfall.

Reports of one inch of snowfall were received from Sandakfu and Falut mountain peaks in Darjeeling district.

One or two spells of sporadic rainfall were received from the Darjeeling hills, with some of the higher areas reeling under sub-zero temperature.

In Darjeeling town, the mercury hovered between two and three degree Celsius, while Kalimpong was slightly warmer, recording between six and seven degree celsius.

A lot of tourists have set out for the hills after coming to know of the snowfall.