South African mission to hold memorial service for Mandela

New Delhi, Dec 9: The South African High Commission here will hold a memorial service Thursday to pay tribute to anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela who passed away last week.

The high commission said in a statement that it opened a Book of Condolences Monday in which Indian lawmakers expressed their thoughts about Mandela.

Ambassadors and high commissioners of various countries in India can express their thoughts in the book Tuesday.

On Wednesday, friends of South Africa and India and all who wish to pay their respects were welcome to the high commission to sign the book, the statement said.

It said Mandela, fondly known as “Tata Madiba”, had a special place in his heart for children and youth.

He firmly believed that youths were the future for all and that not ensuring their safe and healthy childhood would be detrimental to our place in the world.

It urged all schools and universities in India to create their own version of the Book of Condolences.

“This symbol of your appreciation for Madiba should be forwarded to the High Commission in New Delhi, who will ensure that it is sent to the Mandela family to form part of his legacy,” it said.

This encouragement has been extended to any organisation, be it non-governmental or individual companies, whether it is a business association or a charity organisation.

The high commission will ensure that any expression of condolence are forwarded to the Mandela family.