Spotify rolls out Spotiamp to honour Winamp for music streaming

Washington, Dec. 23: As the good old Winamp has headed to its untimely demise, music-streaming service Spotify has reportedly rolled out ‘Spotiamp’, an app for Windows built by one of its engineers to stream music.

The company said that Spotiamp is a small tribute to honour the great legacy of Winamp and allows users to play their favourite music within the comfort of their favourite jukebox app.

According to The Verge, after signing up for the Spotify Premium account, the app lets users play their music playlists, search for tracks to play, listen to a built-in radio feature, shuffle the music, stream to Shoutcast-compatible speakers.

Spotiamp also supports old school Winamp visualization plugins.

The report said that Winamp could still be made available in some form if Microsoft purchases the app from AOL. (ANI)