Sri Lankan PM’s office hit by heroin scam

London, Dec. 05: Sri Lankan Prime Minister DM Jayaratne’s office has been hit by a huge drugs scam, after drug traffickers obtained a letter written by his co-ordinating secretary to authorize a heroin shipment.

A letter dated 23 August was obtained from the prime minister’s office duly signed by a secretary, who said he would be “thankful on behalf of the Hon Prime Minister,” if action was taken to waive import charges from the shipment.

Jayaratne has ordered his staff not to write letters in his name and assured that action would be taken against the sender, the BBC reports.

At least 131 kilograms of heroin was seized on 30 August from cans packed into a container and concealed among ceramic bathroom fittings and plastic goods.

According to the report, the drugs were sent from the Pakistani port of Karachi and unloaded at Colombo’s port two months back.

However, they had been held due to pending production of documents and cash needed for its import.

The letter also mentioned that it was being imported by a local company, which was just launching its business and could not afford heavy duties, the report added. (ANI)