Surrendering Maoists to get an extra amount: Bihar Govt.

Patna, Dec.4: Bihar Home Secretary Amir Subhani on Wednesday said the state government will provide an extra amount to Maoists who surrender with their weapons.

“If they surrender along with their weapons, a specific sum will be allotted for each kind of weapon. For the most sophisticated weapons like, light a machine gun or a rocket launcher the will be paid Rs. 35,000 per weapon, for an AK 47, AK 56 or AK 74, a sum of Rs. 25,000, for pistol, carbine and stun gun, Rs.10,000 and other amounts for the smaller weapons,” said Subhani.

He said the Bihar Government thinks that it is important to rehabilitate Maoists in order to allow them back into mainstream and help them live as respectable citizens.

The state said Maoists who surrender will be given a sum of 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs and an extra amount will be given those who surrender along with their weapons.

“If they want to learn some kind of work to get employed, it will be arranged by the government, they will be given a stipend of Rs. 4000 per month for three years,” he added.

“If anyone of the Maoists who surrender is threatened, the government will help them just like they help ordinary people,” Subhani said.

The Bihar Government’s Principal Secretary for the Cabinet Coordination Committee, Brajesh Mehrotra, announced the approval of a new surrender and rehabilitation policy for Maoists on Wednesday.

In an interaction with the media shortly after Maoists had killed seven policemen in a landmine blast in the state’s Aurangabad District on Tuesday, Mehrotra said Rs. 2.5 lakhs would be given to top leaders, who renounced arms.

He said this amount would be extended to all Maoists – be they members of state, regional, central committees, or politburo members, who surrender. (ANI)