Telangana ministers oppose Rayala-Telangana

Hyderabad, Dec 4: Andhra Pradesh ministers from Telangana region Wednesday made it clear to the Group of Ministers (GoM) on bifurcation of the state that people of Telangana would not accept a Rayala-Telangana state at any cost.

The ministers sent a letter to the GoM, expressing their shock over media reports that the GoM was seriously considering a proposal to merge two of the four districts of Rayalaseema with Telangana to carve out a Rayala-Telangana state.

The letter said the people of Telangana region were shocked that the GoM was considering formation of Rayala-Telangana instead of Telangana state and accordingly prepared a report along with the draft bill.

The ministers led by Panchayati Raj Minister K. Jana Reddy told the GoM that people of Telangana would accept only a complete Telagana state comprising 10 districts with Hyderabad as the common capital for 10 years.

“Any move deviating from the earlier decision of the CWC will hamper the feelings of Telangana people and we will not accept Rayala Telangana at any cost.

“This would be a disadvantageous factor for the Congress party in the ensuing general elections in Telangana region,” the letter added.

Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha, who also hails from Telangana, wrote a separate letter to the GoM, opposing the proposal of Rayala-Telangana.

Meanwhile, Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar said any deviation from the decision of the CWC and the union cabinet would not be accepted by the people of Telangana.

However, Union Minister of State for Transport Sarve Satyanarayana said Rayala-Telangana was only a rumour and there was no need for people of Telangana to be worried.

He said he was confident that Telangana state would soon be a reality.