Tips to excel at work for introverts!

Melbourne, December 5: Modern workplaces make it difficult for introverts to feel like they can truly thrive at work. Here are certain things that introverts can do to still make their mark and stand out.

To begin with, choosing the right job is the biggest key to career success. So as an introvert, its best to look for a job that allows operating autonomously or in a quiet environment, which means opting for “cerebral” jobs, rather than social ones, reported.

Workplaces that have set roles for each employee are usually better for introverted workers, rather than teams where brainstorming, planning and decision-making is always done together.

Structuring the day in a way to make time for yourself is essential for introverts, as getting away from office enables people to de-stress and recharge easily.

According to Susan Cain, author of ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts’, the key to managing social commitments is to not over-commit yourself but be selective and in control.

However, as introverts are “persistent, diligent, and focused on work”, they make better leaders than extroverts. (ANI)