Trinamool asks Ganguly to quit as rights panel chief

Kolkata, Dec 4: The ruling Trinamool Congress Wednesday urged former Supreme Court Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, who is accused of sexual harassment of an intern, to step down as the chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC). “Public propriety and a sense of decency” demanded this, it said.

“The Trinamool has noted with anxiousness and concern the charges of sexual harassment against Justice (retired) Ganguly. The charges cannot but leave an impact on public perception of his current role as chair of the WBHRC,” Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien said in a statement.

With the Trinamool Congress following an approach of “zero tolerance when it comes to safety and dignity of women in the workplace”, O’Brien said, “people holding senior positions in public life should act as role models upholding standards of conduct with female colleagues”.

“As such, it would be wholly incumbent upon Justice Ganguly to step down from his position as chair of the WBHRC and restore the sanctity of the office he currently holds. Public propriety and a sense of decency demand this. I, therefore, urge Justice Ganguly to resign as chair of the WBHRC,” added O’Brien.

The Trinamool government and the panel chief do not share cordial relations and Ganguly has embarrassed Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with several of his orders.

The Trinamool had demanded his resignation earlier too when allegations of sexual harassment of an intern became public against Ganguly.