TV show ‘ Catalyst’ can cause 3000 heart attacks in next five years

Melbourne, Dec. 11: The Heart Foundation has estimated that an ABC report that disregarded the benefit of cholesterol medications, statin, could cause up to 3000 hearts attacks over the next five years.

The Foundation conducted a survey and found that a third of those taking cholesterol lowering statin medications stopped them or reduced them after watching ABC’s controversial Catalyst program, reported.

The survey found 55,000 Australians, who take statins, completely stopped taking their pills after the program, while a further 130,000 changed their medication by stopping or reducing it.

The study also found that one in four of those who altered their medication had previously had a heart attack.

The programs prompted a backlash, particularly from doctors and specialists who claimed it was biased and the ABC is investigating 80 official complaints. (ANI)