Twitter adds media lingo, synonyms for ad firms to better target users

Washington, Dec. 12: Micro blogging site Twitter has added some keywords to its ad targeting system, which will help the advertisers understand how the users feel about their products, even when they use synonyms, alternative spellings, and “Twitter-specific lingo” in their tweets.

The new feature, called “broad match for keywords,” could provide a boost to Twitter’s efforts to monetize its ad service by making it easier for marketers to reach users at the right moment and in the right context, PCWorld reports.

For example, if a coffee shop runs a campaign targeting the keywords “love coffee,” broad match will allow them to also reach people who tweet that they “luv coffee” or “love latte” or, for the truly enamored, that “coffee is my first love.”

According to the report, broad match will become the default matching type for targeted keywords, but it won’t change the frequency of ads shown to users. (ANI)