UPA-II Govt. has become a castle of corruption and misrule: Naqvi

Ahmedabad, Dec. 21,: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Saturday described the central government as a castle of corruption and misgovernance, and said it is now giving clean chit on all decisions it has made till now.

Responding to the inquiry report of a two-member commission headed by retired high court judge J.A. Patil in the Adarsh Housing Society scam, Naqvi said: “This government has become a castle of corruption and misgovernance. Now, they are trying to give a clean chit to this castle. Whether it was 2G, Coalgate, Choppergate, Adarsh Scam or the Vadra land dealings, they have given clean chit to every scam. The government has become “Clean Chit Government” because, without any probe or investigation, they are giving clean chits to every decision of theirs.”

On the recent controversy involving Deputy Consul-General Devyani Khobragade, he said, “This government is a friendly government for the U.S. They have been dealing on matters of national interest with the U.S., whether it was regarding the FDI in retail or the nuclear deal. This government has given most importance to U.S. concerns over national interests. The country has suffered a lot from these decisions.”

“Now, the government is not able to pressurize the U.S on such a big matter. They wanted the U.S. to apologise, but it is still not budging. Now, what will the government do? They failed to make a diplomatic effort, or cleared its intentions with the U.S. on this issue. It is American interest that is attached with India and not vice versa. They should be dealt in the same way, which it is using. This mockery is not at all acceptable,” he added.

Regarding the emergence of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on the national stage, Naqvi said people are excited about Modi and are participating with great interest in his rallies.

Responding further, Naqvi said, “With this, Modi has emerged as the leader of the movement against Congress misgovernance and corruption. This clears one thing, that the NDA will definitely form a government after the Lok Sabha election in 2014 and people will be freed from the misgovernance of the Congress.” (ANI)