Uttar Pradesh Police to be stationed outside Kejriwal’s residence

Ghaziabad, Dec 29: As people in large numbers continued to throng outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence here, senior district officials met him to brief him about arrangements for crowd management, which include stationing of 10 policemen and placing a metal detector there.

District Magistrate S.V.S. Ranga Rao and Senior Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Singh met Kejriwal at his residence in Kaushambi, and told him that 10 police personnel will always remain deployed outside his residence for crowd management.

“We have briefed the Delhi CM about the security arrangements outside his residence to manage the crowd. He is satisfied with it,” Dharmendra Singh told IANS.

The 10 police personnel will be from Uttar Pradesh Police, he said.

A metal detector has already been placed at the entrance of the apartment complex, Singh added.

He said that crowds outside Kejriwal’s apartment are increasing every day and police are required to manage the crowd in a proper order.

Kejriwal, despite being offered several times, has remained adamant that he does not want any personal security officers from either Uttar Pradesh or Delhi.

He had earlier refused to meet the city magistrate of Ghaziabad who had arrived at his residence to persuade him to accept security cover.