Vandals spray slurs on walls of Israeli mosque

Jerusalem, Dec 8: A mosque was vandalized in an Arab city in Israel Sunday, police spokesperson Mickey Rosenfeld said.

In what appears to be another “price tag” attack, vandals spray painted anti-Muslim slogans on the walls of the mosque in Baka al-Gharbiya, an Arab city in the district of Haifa in Israel, reports Xinhua.

The vandals also smashed windows, and punctured tires of several vehicles in the city.

Last month, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier, and his 30-year-old brother were arrested on suspicion of what has come to be known as a ‘price tag’ attack, as they are said to have sprayed racial slurs on buses catering to the Palestinians in the West Bank, and punctured tires of a police car in the West Bank as well.

Also, perpetrators set ablaze a house in the Palestinian village of Sinjil near Ramallah, sending five Palestinian family members to the hospital due to smoke inhalation.

The spray paintings read “Regards from Eden – Revenge” allude to a deadly attack which occurred a day earlier in which a 16-year-old Palestinian was stabbed to death by an Israeli soldier on a bus in northern Israel.

Price tag attacks are acts of vandalism, and random violence mainly aimed at the Palestinians as well as the Israeli security forces by the Jewish activists.